A nutritional extract without contraindications?

If you are suffering from illness, I would recommend that you consult your doctor before beginning to take C.G.F. This is particularly important if you regularly take medication. It is true that as a food extract the micro-algae extract possesses many wonderful effects, but it is not a medication and is not produced for the treatment of illnesses. It is an extremely healthy supplement to the daily diet, increasing its biological value.

Synergetic energy combines the benefits of Chlorella and C.G.F. when taken together to produce amazing results.


The only form of C.G.F. currently available in shops is 100-milligram capsules, which I recommend. Generally, a dosage of 1-2 capsules daily as a food supplement is sufficient and sensible. In my surgery, however, I recommend a higher dosage of three capsules of more. This recommendation is only applicable to a limited time of several days or a few weeks. Only seldom are long-term dosages of 5-10 capsules necessary. Usually such recommendations are the result of serious illnesses such as cancer, acute environmental pollution, serious gastro-intestinal illnesses and neurological problems.

Professional athletes and dedicated amateurs who have a higher regeneration need and place a heavier burden on their bodies need more than the usual dosage of 1-2 100-milligram capsules during times of competition. I also recommend to my patients a higher dosage during post-operative stays in hospital. Growing children who are developing insufficiently should have a consultation to receive a dosage recommendation suitable to their stage of development, which must then be regularly checked. An increased dosage is also recommended to prepare the body for seasonal allergies.

C.G.F. should be taken with meals. The capsules can also be opened and the powder mixed with food. Naturally, it can be taken on an empty stomach, as it has not yet been scientifically proven whether the extract functions better when taken with food


At any time, humans can develop intolerance or allergic reactions to any substance, including C.G.F. In addition to this rather theoretical possibility, I do not expect any particular reactions to this extract. In my surgery, it has proven itself to be beneficial, and no negative reactions are known to me.

With increasing availability, it is only to be expected that side effects to C.G.F. can appear. Possible side effects include bloating, especially as it influences the intestinal bacteria. Similarly with Chlorella, it is probably only a question of adjustment problems, which will quickly disappear following a reduction of the daily dose or after stopping taking the supplement for a short time. General negative effects are so far unknown.

Please remember that Chlorella is changed during the production process so that its uptake in the intestine is improved. Warm meals are usually more easily digestible for humans. Possible interference with the actions of other medication is unknown.