C.G.F. – a holistic food concentrate

How is C.G.F produced?

The general methods of producing C.G.F are the same throughout the world. Because a specific production process is not uniformly stipulated for all producers, small fluctuations are possible. This makes the publishing of exact quantities of the individual components, to give a clear analysis which would serve as a comparison almost impossible.

The physical process consists of dissolving many valuable water-soluble components from Chlorella with the help of a flash-heat process and the effect of centrifugal force. Only this combination of strong physical forces enables the valuable DNA and RNA molecules to be extracted from the nucleus of Chlorella.

The production process:

1) Fresh Chlorella is washed then concentrated in a drying process.
2) Further separation and concentration is achieved by heating and centrifuging.
3) A vacuum helps to concentrate the clear remainder of the raw extract.
4) A preliminary version of C.G.F. now exists and is centrifuged again.
5) The clear remainder is now freeze-dried once again.
6) The pure C.G.F powder is now ready.
7) Various chemical controls and analyses in relation to the concentration (measured in optical density), purity, content, and toxins follow.

The remains from this extraction process are by no means worthless. Consequently, rather than being destroyed, they are added to animal feed as a valuable nutritional supplement.

Chlorella is an alkali and consists primarily, as already mentioned, of protein, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Because warm water plays a central role in the production of the extract, it is often referred to in scientific texts as hot water extract. If the final stage of the freeze-drying is missed out, a clear to lightly cloudy liquid (C.G.F.-liquid) is produced, which has a similar taste and consistency to stock. Once opened, C.G.F.-liquid is perishable. Consequently, and partly because of the lower dosage of the powder, I prefer the extract in capsule form. Furthermore, the powder quickly dissolves in water, which means it can be added easily to liquid foods, increasing their nutritional value.