C.G.F. and Chlorella

Since I started reporting the advantages of C.G.F, considerably more interest has been shown in the algae extract. Patients at my surgery and members of the audience at my lectures and seminars continually express their wishes for more detailed and precise information. Meeting this need and, additionally, generating curiosity were fundamental reasons for writing A Green Light for Health.

C.G.F is a specialised extract containing many valuable substances from the green micro algae Chlorella: specialists estimate that raw Chlorella algae contains 3-5%After intense research, Chlorella containing 20% C.G.F has been cultivated.

The extract is removed from Chlorella in a multistage process and then condensed to a concentrate in yet another multistage process (and constitutes a unique Chlorella extract). This is by no means merely a concentrated form of Chlorella or single substance from Chlorella, as certain self-proclaimed experts occasionally profess. Naturally, C.G.F. is not a perfect substitute for Chlorella and does not render the intake of Chlorella superfluous. Both supplement each other wonderfully and their effects are complementary - more will be mentioned about this later. However, it is possible to take the extract by itself and still benefit from doing so. The extract comes in the form of an odourless capsule, and usually only a low daily dosage is necessary.

The composition of C.G.F. is extremely complicated and is described in detail on page 26. This extract can only be produced from Chlorella, as no other plant can be used to produce a comparable concentrate. The natural water-soluble extract is produced from the nucleus and other cell components of Chlorella. Before I continue to tell you about C.G.F., please allow me to give you the current perspective on its source, Chlorella. The more you know about Chlorella, the better you will be able to understand the many ways in which it can improve your health.