Hardly any side effects

Mainly in Asia and in the United States, chlorella is part of daily food. Millions of people consume it
in the shape of pasta, drinks or tablets. Chlorella, as food or as a food supplement, leads to no side effect.


Irritated gastro-intestinal tract

Cases of irritated gastro-intestinal tract together with a feeling of fullnesss or nausea or diarrhoea, or slight constipation, are rare. A small rise of body temperature, altogether without risk, as also slight headaches, contrary to what one might think, could be the sign of a need for more chlorella. Indeed, it is mainly those people who have a sensitive stomach or intestins who have the tendency to react this way. It is possible that hidden intoxications are thus suddenly revealed. An organism which reacts in this way at the beginning of the treatment can certainly later experience the benefits.

Skin reactions

Redness or spots are part of the secondary effects which can very rarely appear. These are not signs of an allergy, but rather signals that your system is eliminating poisons by means of the skin. Nevertheless, out of precaution, stop taking chlorella and see a doctor. As soon as he/she has confirmed that it is not an allergic reaction, generally you will be able to progressively take chlorella again. Start with about 200 mg/day (or more according to the product) and increase the dose by the same quantity every day. If skin rashes again appear, before you have reached the daily dose of 2 to 3 gr, reduce the dose by one or two tablets or capsules a day, till you are able to determine your personal level of tolerance. Keep on with this dose during several weeks before trying to raise it again. This should not be difficult to do.

In prescribing medically, I have my patients take 20 to 30 gr of chlorella daily, during a few weeks. Up till now, I have not observed big side effects. On the contrary, most of my patients state they feel
better and better since taking chlorella.