Healthy cells

The human body is constituted of  70  to  100  billions of cells, most of which are continually  renewed.

The number of cells of each individual stays constant during a great part of her/his life.  With age however, cell functions deteriorate and the number of cells progressively diminishes.  Proteins,glucids and lipids give the body the necessary calories for the maintenance of the cells.  The vitamins and minerals are the vital substances needed, with which the process of intracellular combustion is engaged for energy production.  When we absorb more calories than necessary, our body transforms them into fat and stocks them as reserves.  A well-balanced diet maintains calories and vital substances.  Denatured food, lacking these vital substances, prevents calorie metabolizing and this causes  weight increase.

Its rich content in essential substances makes chlorella an ideal food supplement for people who wish to have biochemical fitness.

This is so for all the cases given as examples, of my patients, acquaintances, friends or of my colleagues’ patients. 


So as not to miss detecting  possible insidious illnesses, see your doctor for a check-up before starting your chlorella cure.