Purifying and fasting


By means of fasting, a convinced supporter of  this practice (age 52) maintains her physical and mental shape.  But she sometimes suffered from pains in her little finger joints, which had become so sensitive that a light rap made them hurt for several hours.  She also complained of  loss of hair and  brittle fingernails.  After examining her, I advised her to take chlorella during her fast periods.  The symptoms disappeared  very quickly and since, she can no longer do without chlorella during fasts.  

My tip

Start two or three days before an evacuation phase, with 5 gr of chlorella a day, divided into several doses, between  meals,with a lot of liquid.  About two or three hours before evacuation, take 10 gr of chlorella.  During the whole duration of the fast, take regularly 3 x 2 gr with much mineral water.  After the fast, continue with 2 x 2 gr.