Strengthening immune defence

Strengthening immune defence

A defence system which is working well recognizes and destroys foreign bodies which have penetrated our organism. Naturally, it works better against microbes which are familiar. In order to defend itself, the human body produces among others a protein called interferon, which combats viruses and bacteria. Chlorella strengthens the immune system through its double action : it favours the working of the macrophage cells and stimulates the production of interferon.


An independent contractor of 38 who constantly had colds as soon as the climate turned humid and cold also caught almost all flu viruses. Thanks to 5 gr of chlorella a day, he could at last have winters without health worries.

My tip

It is better to avoid than to cure illness! To protect yourself against flu viruses, I recommend taking 2 to 3 gr of chlorella a day, as from the middle of September and during 3 to 6 weeks.