Usual doses

Proportionality rule,passing through 1 (sometimes called « rule of three »)

One tablet of chlorella weighs 0.25 gr ; how many are needed to have 3 gr ?

First divide 1 gr by 0.25 gr : this gives 4 tablets.

Multiply this result by 3 (gr) and you get 12.  That  is :- 12 tablets of  0.25 gr are equal to 3 gr. 

You will notice that your stools are of a green colour.  This is due to the high chlorophyll content in chlorella :  it is not at all dangerous.  And it is not a sign of overdosing.

Many patients have noticed a larger volume and frequency of stools – up to three times a day for some people.  This is a sign of  detoxication of the intestin, which is becoming healthy again.  There is no reason to worry, quite the contrary.