Chlorella Pesto

(For 500 to 8OO gr of spaghetti)


 4 to 5 cloves garlic

 1 s.s. pine kernels

 1 s.s. sunflower seeds

 100 ml olive oil

 25 gr basil leaves

 3 fresh tomatoes

 1 full t.s. salt

 1 pinch white pepper

 4 to 5 gr chlorella

Crush the garlic, the pine kernels and the sunflower seeds in a mortar, mix with 2 t.s.olive oil and chopped basil, till it all turns into a homogenous paste.  Add the remaining oil and chlorella, then whisk.  Peel the tomatoes, crush them and incorporate into the paste.  Taste the pesto, then mix with the cooked spaghetti. 

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