To conclude, I would like to clearly summarise the effects of C.G.F. and relate them to the background of my experience and scientific knowledge.

- C.G.F. is a pure, concentrated extract from Chlorella full of bio-active substances;
- It encourages natural development and rapid, healthy growth in children and young animals;
- Prevents premature ageing, because of amongst other things its high amino acid content;
- Increases resistance levels;
- Helps reduce or prevent damaging side effects of chemotherapy, for example, infections, reduction in functioning of the white blood cells;
- Prebiotically regenerates and maintains the health of intestinal bacteria;
- Prevents bacterial infections;
- Helps the body with the excretion of poisonous substances;
- Increases vitality and energy levels;
- Supports dental health;
- Possesses anti-allergic effects, such as against lactose intolerance;
- Contains the ancient survival wisdom of the fresh water algae Chlorella.