Contents of the algae extract

C.G.F. – a holistic extract from nature

C.G.F. contains only C.G.F: nothing is added to it during the production process, so that the extract can be described as a holistic food-concentrate. Holistic extracts are extracts to which nothing has been added by humans.

It is tempting to believe that the enumeration and explanation of the different substances which make up the concentrate permit a firm conclusion as to its chemical character. Like other leading researchers throughout the world who know and research C.G.F, I also have the opinion that the way it works can have amazing results for both animals and humans,and can be seen better through an exact observation rather than through an analysis of its individual components. C.G.F. has complex abilities. Its amazing effects are the result of the powerful synergistic interaction of its individual components, the effects of which, when precisely analysed and reduced to exact quantities, cannot be grasped or explained.

Let us consider the following scenario: A single substance from C.G.F. is discovered and named C.G.F.-1. This is then followed by C.G.F.-2, then C.G.F.-3, C.G.F.4, C.G.F.5, etc. Even when all the substances which make up C.G.F were known, C.G.F.-1 to C.G.F.-x would be no substitute for the extract itself. It is the director of an orchestra with many different instruments. Fantastic music which is full of harmony can only be produced by an artistically directed orchestra.

Until today, many researchers have tried to produce a type of cartography of the broad and varied landscape of the concentrate. During my research, I often met friendly, but distanced researchers, who from the beginning were not willing to share their knowledge with me. I noticed that there was competition between the individual research teams, who were convinced that C.G.F contained a secret substance that would work wonders in medicine and cosmetics, and sought to outpace each other with their secrecy. Overcoming this shroud of secrecy was only due to good luck and my persistent battle for their trust. What I saw was both exciting and impressive. It strengthened my conviction, that Chlorella and C.G.F. are an absolutely unique combination of plant substances, and that we would hear a lot more about the two of them. This book contains facts which up until now have not been published in this form.

...but no substitute for Chlorella

Researchers also consider C.G.F. as a concentrated source of the secondary plant materials from Chlorella, which you have already learnt about. Consequently, it is fundamentally correct that many of the effects of Chlorella are also observed after the consumption of C.G.F. The daily events in my surgery confirm this scientific observation.

However, there is no chlorophyll in C.G.F., which also contains very few of the fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D and E). The concentration of the water-soluble vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B 1-12, folic acid, etc.) is on average lower than that in Chlorella itself. This deficit makes it clear, that C.G.F. is in no way a substitute for taking Chlorella.