Chlorella brings cholesterol down

Even when cholesterol problems are of a hereditary nature – which is very rare – chlorella remains altogether appropriate and even proves to be very effective, as it is capable of binding the cholesterol, allowing the intestins to eliminate the surplus.  In a case of hypocholesterolemia, chlorella favours the synthesis of cholesterol in the body.

My tip

Both against a too low or a too high cholesterol level, take 3 x 2 gr of chlorella before meals.  Chlorella can only be beneficial.


A woman (of 56) with a cholesterol level of 300 mg % and blood triglycerides of 350 mg % took  6 gr of chlorella every day. After 6 months her cholesterol and triglyceride levels had come down respectively to 260 mg % and 280 mg %.  The triglyceride blood level is the second most important indicator for measuring fats in the blood.