Flu ? No thanks !

Keep a handkerchief at hand, after a nose irrigation, as mucous and liquid can still run out in a large quantity, even some minutes after the procedure


A schoolboy  (of 17) felt the first symptoms of a chill, just the day before an important sports trial at school !  An immediate chlorella shock therapy was able to arrest the illness.  The next morning, the boy was in good shape again and succeeded easily in the trial.

Example 2

A primary school teacher  (of 43) suddenly felt aching and an irritated throat, the day before an important  school choir performance.

« Acccording to my usual experience, I am surely about to lose my voice because of this flu and will not be able to take part in the performance », she thought.  Badly tolerating « strong medicines »,  she looked around for a plant remedy able to help her.  By means of the chlorella shock treatment, she could sing with the choir the next day, inspite of some aches and pains.