Rheumatism and arthrosis

 Take highly concentrated fish oils (Omega-  3, to be found in capsule form at chemists).                               

 Avoid foods derived from wheat, gluten and milk proteins.  Your doctor can give you more details.

 Start a psychotherapeutic treatment against pain, consisting of  relaxation exercices.

 Try the natural chlorella therapy.

My tip

Basic chlorella therapy :-

Start treatment gently with one gram a day  (particularly if amalgam fillings have not yet been extracted), then increase the dose progressively to twice five grams a day and more.

What does chlorella do ?

 Chlorella reinforces the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane, a natural defence barrier against foreign harmful substances.

 Chlorella binds poisons, like heavy metals (for example : mercury in amalgams, cadmium in cigarettes, etc.),  and also solvents, pesticides, PCB, etc.