We gain in age, not in vitality

For any discrepancy, for instance a too high cholesterol level, or on the contrary, too low, chlorella can be useful, as its regulatory activity works in both directions.  That is why chlorella is also called « the great regulator » in the United States.

 Take chlorella even in normal times, it will help you to stay fit.

 Take chlorella to treat a hyper or hypo-function, it will help your system to re-establish its natural balance.

The most spectacular experiment took  place in Japan in 1966 : more than one million soldiers took part in this experiment, in the framework of an exercise on sea during 95 days.  2 gr of chlorella a day, per head, were sufficient to lower the risk of illness by more than a third.

My tip

As soon as you feel the first symptoms of  flu,  take 10 to 15 gr of chlorella as a « shock therapy ».  Continue to take this dose for several days.  Often, the flu can be stopped.  In any case, if you continue the shock therapy, it will certainly be shortened.  This is also valid for intestinal flu.