Healthy Growth

At the beginning of the 1950's, in the search for a better understanding of the contents of Chlorella, Professor Fujimaki from the People's Scientific Research Center in Tokyo carried out experiments which even today are considered amongst the most important results in Chlorella-research. He made a considerable contribution in research of the area of DNA and RNA, including their smallest building blocks, the nucleic acids in Chlorella. In the process he discovered C.G.F. after he heated Chlorella and recognised the high content of cell component in the hot water extract.

In many animal experiments, the previously speculated effects were proven. When he fed young rabbits, mice, rats and chickens Chlorella-extract in his laboratory, a noticeable increase in their rate of growth was observed. Additionally, the animals proved themselves to be less susceptible to disease. The increase in body weight and size was between 10% and 47%, without any disadvantage for the animals.

Interestingly, as soon as the animals had reached sexual maturity, their pregnancy and birth rates increased. These results are certainly directly related to the observed increase in sexual activity of the animals when compared to that of the control group. This result was confirmed in decades of countless experiments with different varieties of animals. Even bee colonies showed impressive results.

It quickly became clear to researchers that this growth-encouraging effect could not only be explained by the amino acid content or the vitamins and minerals in C.G.F. After further research and analysis, researchers agreed that the fast, healthy growth is the result of the high number of nucleus components and substances, such as phytohormone, with hormone-resembling functions.

With the approval of the Japanese government, a new chapter of C.G.F. research began: the investigation of the effects of the extract on infants and children. An insufficient diet in early childhood can cause both physical and mental deficiencies. It is true that the damage can be partially rectified, but prophylaxis is what should be aimed for. On this topic, a Japanese researcher reported to me a series of experiments on young school children that were very successful. Even after the extract had been taken for only six weeks, there was a noticeable increase in the strength of hand and back muscles. Additionally, there was a decrease in the number of colds and other respiratory diseases. For the healthy development of children (in this experiment ten year old school children) a regular daily dose of 2 grams of Chlorella had considerable success.

Both Chlorella as well as C.G.F. were then investigated for their potential as a food supplement for children. In a time frame of five years a wealth of parameters was meticulously investigated with two groups of infants, one of which served as the control group. Coincidence had it, that the infants who received Chlorella and C.G.F. as a supplement to their food were on average slightly smaller at the beginning of the study. Consequently, the results are even more impressive and valuable. At the end of the study, these infants had not only made up for their considerable disadvantage; they had also grown to be on average bigger and better developed children than those of the control group. Additionally, it is interesting that the "C.G.F. Children" developed a perfectly healthy cavity-free set of milk teeth. Here it becomes clear, that the bacteria-milieu of the whole digestive tract was able to develop optimally so that the cause of cavities, a known bacterial infection, had no chance of settling and spreading. Further results of this long-term study were that the "C.G.F. Children", when compared to the control group, developed a better appetite for healthy food such as fruit and vegetables. The improved mental and intellectual development attested by the experiment could be explained by, amongst other things, the intake of concentrated proteins, peptides and nucleic acids.

The positive results of growth and development are certainly not only the result of a generally increased "thrust", rather they are partly due to a compensation by the extract for genetic weaknesses of certain organs. It is known that from birth onwards, the ability of a child's weakest organ/system (for example the liver or the immune system) to fully mature and grow is severely impeded. In this case, the algae concentrate can compensate and improve the chances for the natural growth of the child. In adults it helps in situations requiring an increased need for cell division, such as liver illnesses and wounds.

At the end of this chapter, I must not neglect to emphasise that C.G.F. and also Chlorella are not recognised as causing obesity and weight problems in children and adults. Additionally, neither increases unnatural growth, which is related to illness. Moreover, C.G.F. encourages or increases healthy growth in children and animals that are not yet fully grown. Furthermore, secondary plant substances and highly concentrated nucleic acids help the immune system in the battle against cancer.