At present, about 200 different pollutants have been counted along our food chain. In the industrialized countries particularly, it is impossible to escape from these. That is why a regular consumption of chlorella is very sensible and even highly recommended to prevent intoxication.

My tip

In order to eliminate in a general manner, take regular detoxication cures with chlorella. For instance : twice a year, for 8 weeks, take 4 gr of chlorella each day.

Freed from poisons with chlorella

Chlorella pyrenoidosa has the power to reduce the set of pollutants in the human organism and free the body in an equally efficient manner.
Chlorella's efficiency in detoxicating can be verified by means of excrement analysis, after a chlorella cure. Numerous heavy metals, detergents, alcohol, nicotine and other toxic substances which were stocked in the body cells will thus at last be eliminated.



The thickest cellular membrane and the medium sized one bind toxic substances.  They are composed of cellulose microfibrils which form a very structured network in which the heavy metal molecules stay captive, like in a net.


Furthermore, chlorella’s medium cell membrane contains sporopollein, a substance which irreversibly binds the toxic materials.


Chlorella is mainly constituted of a great variety of proteins which are very effective in binding heavy metals.  Chlorella can therefore absorb enormous quantities of heavy metals without being damaged by them.