Test your risks

Test your risks(yes or no)

Are you rapidly tired ; do you lack energy ? 

Are you often unexplainably giddy 

Do you often have headaches ?

Do you suffer from chronic sinusitis ?

Do you find it difficult to concentrate ?

Do you suffer from sleeplessness ?

Do you often have inflamed mouth mucous membrane ?

Do you have recurrent infections ?   

Do you have sudden mood changes ?      

Do you have hay fever or other allergies ?    

Do you suffer from chronic digestive problems ?    

Do your ligaments, tendons, muscles or joints hurt

always in different places ?

Have you been diagnosed as having a thyroid illness ? 

Do you suffer from chronic bronchitis or asthma ?

Do you suffer from chronic skin diseases like neurodermatitis or inexplicable eczemas ?

Do you smoke ?

Do you have chronic kidney problems ?

Do you suffer from chronic liver complaints ?

Do you have hypoglycaemia from time to time ?

Have you had cancer ?

Have you had a diagnostic of a  nervous illness which has no explanation ?

Have you amalgams or other metals in your mouth ?

Have you undergone a detoxication treatment after 

having your amalgams extracted ?

In your private or professional life (as industrial worker, dentist, dental medical personnel), have you been in contact with toxic substances ? 

Do you suffer from strange chronic symptoms which your doctor cannot explain ?

Have you felt bloated after taking chlorella ?