Introduction to the contents

As has already been mentioned, the phenomenon of C.G.F. is best explained through the expression "synergy". It is considerably more than the sum of its individual parts. Consequently, many researchers cannot restrain their curiosity. Convinced through repeated observations that the extract has very positive effects in cancer cases, they undertook an exact material analysis. They began by searching for the individual substances which were most distinguishable.

To these substances belong special glycoproteins , for example ARS2 (active substance with anti-tumour activity). A glycoprotein is made up of definite protein and carbohydrate molecules. Together with glycolipids, it forms the main component of the cell exterior. Glycoproteins also directly form building blocks for the immune system. Immunoglobins (IgG, IgM, IgA, etc.) which perform the most important defence tasks, consist to a great extent of glycoproteins. C.G.F. contains different glycoproteins, which have inhibitory effects against cancer and metastasis. Researchers think that they help the bodily defence cells to recognise cancer cells more easily. Additionally, they support the immune system in the battle against cancer.

While many complex water-soluble proteins have been found in C.G.F., their exact effects are not yet known. On the contrary, the functions of water-soluble vitamins, which are necessary for life, are well known.

With regard to the amino acid content, the algae extract has the same profile as Chlorella. In this context, I would like to mention a very interesting substance group, the amino-peptides. These are special protein bonds of many amino acids. In the human body, the following organs have a high concentration of amino-peptides: kidneys, liver, eye lenses and the mucous membranes of the intestinal lining. Here the amino-peptides ensure a trouble free metabolic action by functioning as enzymes to speed up (catalyse) important chemical processes. C.G.F. contains more amino-peptides than Chlorella.

Additionally, it contains a considerable number of the heavy metal binding proteins and toxin-absorbing substances from Chlorella, which are all heat stable and capable of surviving the extraction process fully undamaged. They are concentrated in high density in the extract, which as a result is suitable for detoxification. Japanese researchers think that it contains many glutathion-resembling substances, which play a decisive role in the excretory process of the liver.

Certain substances possess a hormone resembling effect on the natural growth of animals and children. These substances also increase cell regeneration, which is so valuable for health in people of all age groups. These effects, which are recognised in natural growth hormones and are also responsible for the fast growth of Chlorella have lead to the name "Chlorella Growth Factor". Peptide-hormones, which consist of different protein and carbohydrate molecules, come under this growth factor. When they arrive at the right place (receptors), they increase the rate of metabolism even in their small quantities, enabling healthy growth. Chlorellan, the natural antibiotic from Chlorella, is a concentrated component of C.G.F., which is important for increasing the natural defence barrier of the mucous membranes.

The high concentration of the nucleus components DNA, RNA and nucleic acids (the building blocks of DNA and RNA) in C.G.F. is responsible for its special position among the especially valuable food supplements and cell extracts. Infants can only grow so quickly and develop so healthily because of the high nucleus content of their mothers' milk. The growth of healthy intestinal bacteria is dependent on the nucleic acid content of the diet. The health of every cell is the result of a sufficient quantity of the various amino acids. Without enough DNA and RNA, an efficient functioning of the metabolic processes of the brain, intestine and immune system is absolutely impossible. A long and healthy life requires sufficient quantities of DNA and RNA components. DNA and RNA are also described as "Long Life Factors". On average, the concentrate contains up to five times the quantity of DNA and RNA building blocks as the algae itself.

In addition to their function of fuel and energy provider, carbohydrates in the form of high molecular polysaccharides which are present in C.G.F. perform a whole spectrum of different tasks. They generate immunological activities and support different defence mechanisms in humans. Tests for the anti-tumour effect of the polysaccharides respond positive. Amongst these immune-stimulating polysaccharides are glucane, mannane and hemmicellulose. In addition to its tumour reducing property, water-soluble b-Glucan has a moderating influence on the metabolism of sugar and improves glucose tolerance.

And now an abbreviated list of the known "pearls" which make C.G.F. so valuable.

- glycoprotein
- water-soluble vitamins, especially the B group
- minerals
- water-soluble proteins
- amino acids
- amino peptides
- heavy metal binding proteins
- glutathion resembling substances
- phytohormones and other natural growth factors
- antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral substances
- DNA, RNA and nucleic acids
- The immune system stimulating polysaccharide
- And much more!