Prevention of premature ageing

C.G.F comes from the country which has gained top place in life-expectancy statistics: Japan. The average life expectancy of the Japanese has increased in around four decades from 60 (1950) to 80 (1992). In relation to this, Japan has found itself in first place in international comparisons for years. Much is speculated regarding the causes of this. Scientists think that diet is the largest risk factor in the cause of life-shortening diseases. The longevity of the Japanese is surely not just the result of a single foodstuff.

The high quantity of fresh and seawater foods in the daily diet of most adult Japanese, who mainly eat traditional foods, is striking. Over 90% of the world's Chlorella and C.G.F. is produced in Japan.

As you have already read, the cell is the smallest living unit. All the life processes in the living organism take place at the cellular level. Scientists who are concerned with the biological aspect of ageing, have, in the past thirty to forty years, directed their attention to ageing process at the cellular level. This trend has been strengthened by the spectacular discoveries in cell- and molecular biology. Observations and experiments about the fact that different species have very different life expectancies, gave no notable results to contribute to the understanding of the phenomenon of "ageing" which affects all living organisms.

On the other hand, medical professor Denham Harman from the University of Nebraska in Omaha succeeded in 1950 in producing legendary research work, which is still valid today, on his confirmed theory of ageing: "The Free Radical Theory of Ageing". Based on animal experiments, Harman hypothesised that free radicals hindered cell functioning with increasing age. Free radicals are present in high quantities when cell organelles burn food substances to gain energy. Chemically, this process is termed oxidation. Free radicals can, however, be eliminated through anti-oxidation (reduction) before they begin destroying cell molecules which are important for life. In addition to lipids and proteins, free radicals also attack DNA.

In the 1970's, the place in the cell most affected by the activity of free radicals was established: contrary to expectations, it was not the DNA in the cell nucleus, which is well protected by the nucleus membrane, but rather the essential "powerhouses" of the cell, the mitochondria. Because their own DNA lacks a protection shield made of proteins and lipids, they are the first place of contact with free radicals, and their risk of continuous and possible excessive damage by free radicals is considerable. Damage to the mitochondria reduces the functioning of the cell. This accounts for the increase in severe illness with increasing age. Denham Harman recommends a special calorie reduced diet and the intake of antioxidants.

Free radicals are also produced by environmental pollution, smoking, lack of sleep and excessive demands upon the body caused by stress. Certain medications also reduce the anti-oxidative capacity and encourage the production of aggressive oxidants. Premature ageing is thus furthered by two processes:
1) an excessive exposure to free radicals and/or a lack of antioxidants
2) a lack of nucleic acids and other micro-foodstuffs which help the building up and maintenance of cell structures, especially DNA and RNA

In animal experiments, C.G.F. increased the life of animals (see footnote 30 on page 21) regardless of whether it was given to ill or healthy animals. As already mentioned, the extract has an anti-oxidative and detoxifying effect and provides the organism with large quantities of amino acids. These are necessary for the regeneration of damaged DNA and RNA.

In regards to the DNA and RNA content, no other source of nucleic acid comes anywhere close in comparison to the micro-algae extract. It probably also has other life increasing effects on other bodily systems within animals. It appears to me that the previously described effects seem to be essential metabolic processes for the phenomenon of increased life expectancy.

Therapy with regularly injected fish cell extracts from animal origins, also known as "Fish cell therapy" has a long successful tradition in Germany. In the 1950's and 1960's, a host of prominent celebrities, for example the former Bundeskanzler Ardenauer who lived to be 92, received such treatments. The injection of fish cells is a biological therapy for illness and geriatric complaints, which aims to provide the organism with a high concentration of building blocks for cell repair and to help damaged cells regenerate.

"Regeneration and Vitalisation" are popular slogans for this form of immune therapy. Many cells within the human body regenerate themselves regularly. Old skin cells keratinise and are replaced within a few days; the red blood cell system regenerates itself every 90-120 days. The renewal of all renewable tissue in the human body takes about a year. For this, the organism requires help. Food supplements such as C.G.F., which are rich in DNA and RNA building blocks, are especially helpful for the renewal of bodily tissue.

The classical cell therapy using animal organs requires that animal extracts from the relevant organ will be used for every human organ requiring treatment: for thyroid problems, cells from the thyroid glands of young calves are used; for nervous disorders, injections of brain cell extract are used. However, occasionally allergic reactions to intra-muscular injections arose, which resulted in fish cell therapy being called into disrepute and eventually banned altogether.

C.G.F. is a concentrated plant cell extract. It aids the constantly necessary repair of the genetic material in human cells, reduces the ageing process and prevents illness. It additionally supports tissue repair after accidents, operations and also after ulcers.

In comparison to therapy with animal extracts, C.G.F. as an algae extract has the advantage that it is a cell extract for all the bodily organs and can be administered orally. In other words: regularly taking C.G.F. revitalises you with a safe, effective, purely botanical "fish cell therapy".