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Protein – the living formula for regeneration, growth, energy and health

The high protein content of more than 60-70% already confirms the superiority of Chlorella in comparison with conventional foodstuffs. Traditional high protein foods such as soya and veal contain considerably less, with 35% and 32% protein content respectively.

Protein from food is essential for optimal physical and mental performance. Throughout childhood and adolescence, it increases the growth and development of the young body. Over and above this, it supports the regenerative ability of the body regardless of age and helps regain energy and fitness after, for example, intense sporting activity, operations, and illness.

Sports doctors have known these facts for a long time and recommend protein supplements to their athletes as a way of increasing their strength. Doctors and their professional athletes in China and Russia have already experimented with natural algae products such as chlorella and C.G.F. as a way of supplementing their plant and meat based protein sources . In this context, it was a question of healthily and sensibly supplementing athletes' diets, without running the risk of having negative effects or coming into conflict with drug rules.

Here is a selection of foodstuffs with high protein content to serve as a comparison:

Comparison of Protein Content (per 100 grams)
Chlorella 60-70
Soyameal 35
Knuckle of veal 32
Pork 21
Chicken 21
Turkey 22
Sardines 25
Halibut 18
Egg 13
Full fat milk 3
White flour 14
Brown rice 7.5
Potatoes 2

In addition to the statistical protein content of the foodstuff, the digestion and absorption of the individual protein components in the intestine is even more important. In humans the protein yield from beef and game, at around 65%, is lower than that of fish, which gives a yield of 75-80%. With an absorption rate of over 80%, protein from Chlorella outperforms all other high protein sources for humans.